Club Executives

We are excited for another great year with the club! Meet some of the people who are running the club during the 2020-2021 school year!

Sydney Stevenson: Co-President:

Major: Joint Honours in International Development and Political Science with a minor in Environment⁣

Why did you join Amnesty: I joined Amnesty because I am passionate about protecting human rights locally and globally. I also wanted to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals with a passion to make change in a sustainable and holistic way. I also think that Amnesty inspired me to find my voice and path to activism and I am grateful for what I have learned from everyone in the group.⁣

Quarantine essentials: My quarantine essential is my guitar. Playing and singing is my favourite pass time. Writing songs helps calm me down and have some fun while in lock-down 🙂

Leina Gabra: Co- President:

Major: Honours Political Science and History, U4⁣

Why did you join Amnesty: I joined Amnesty because I have been involved with the organization since high school and am passionate about human rights. I think that as a university with people from all over the world, McGill students have a responsibility to stay informed about human rights, both in Canada and internationally. ⁣

Quarantine essential: Netflix!

Timothy Tennant: VP External

Major: Joint Honours International Development Studies & Political Science – U3⁣

Why did you join Amnesty: I joined Amnesty in my second year at McGill! After having been involved to a much more casual degree in my high school division back in New York State, I was really curious to see what great things the club here produced as a combination of Amnesty International’s goals and McGill students’ determination. After a year in the organization, I am very proud of our work so far and the continued enthusiasm of new students!⁣

Quarantine essential: Modern Family & Duolingo

Laine McCrory: VP Events

Major: U1 Political Science⁣

Why did you join Amnesty: I’ve always been really passionate about human rights, and I think that it’s especially important to help educate other McGill students about injustices around the world. I’ve been a human rights and gender equality advocate since my early teens, and wanted to learn more about how we can mobilize students to fight for human rights worldwide. Joining Amnesty has given me the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people, who all work hard to spread the importance of human rights work. The McGill chapter of Amnesty is a tight-knit group, and I’m so proud to be a part of the team. ⁣

Quarantine essentials: A good book and coffee 🙂

Lucas Hak: Co-VP Media

Major: Mathematics and Physics – U3⁣

Why did you join Amnesty: While we are so caught up in our studies it’s easy to loose sight of the many injustices that are taking place around the world and even right here in our backyard. I joined McGill Students for Amnesty International because I think it is critical that we are aware of and help those who are facing persecutions.⁣

Quarantine essential: Now that I don’t have to leave the house I can wear my slippers 24/7

Emma Wiseman: Co-VP Media

Major: International Development Studies U2⁣

Why did you join Amnesty: I’ve always admired Amnesty’s mission, so the club seemed like the best place to explore my area of study within the McGill community. I love meeting people with a similar passion for human rights, and connecting with other students through our events!⁣

Quarantine essentials: Drinking lots of tea and watching comfort movies with my roommate 🙂

Ava Klein: VP-Finance
Major: Urban Studies and Art History U3⁣⁣
Why did you join Amnesty: I knew about Amnesty International’s great work for a while and in second year I wanted to be a more active member of the McGill community and Amnesty was a great fit! I love the educational aspect of Amnesty’s initiatives and the idea that many people spreading knowledge or expressing solidarity can create larger change. ⁣⁣
Quarantine essentials: TikTok and Harry Styles’ music have gotten me through.