Club Executives

We are excited for another great year with the club! Meet some of the people who are running the club during the 2021-2022 school year!

Emma Wiseman: Co-President

Emma is going into her fourth year at McGill, majoring in International Development Studies with a minor in English Literature. She was motivated to join Amnesty because of her interest in learning more about human rights abuses around the world and how she could take action in her daily life. This year she is looking forward to engaging with students to educate them about human rights, and to advocating against local human rights issues in the community!

Stephanie Munn: Co- President

Steph is a U2 student in political science and international development with a minor in social entrepreneurship. She became passionate about human rights after getting involved with refugee resettlement in New York and witnessing the consequences of human rights violations around the world. At Amnesty McGill, she is able to make an impact by both promoting policies that protect the rights of the vulnerable and fundraising for situations when those policies don’t work out. She can’t wait to continue our vital work by connecting with other McGill students and inspiring them to stand up for those in need.

Alina Bootwala: VP External

Alina is a second-year student majoring in International development studies and minoring in the World of Cinema. She’s passionate about human rights work because it allows her to expand her reach to other people who are in need and promote a more holistic/ realistic narrative of the world. She am excited to promote Amnesty International to new students and excited for in person activities.

Trisha-mae Capistrano: VP Internal

Trisha is a U1 student in the social work program at McGill. She gets involved in human rights work because she feel lucky to have grow up with many privileges that many others don’t, but should have access to. This year, she’s looking forward to helping organize events to raise awareness on the many different human rights issues facing the world today.