McGill Students for Amnesty International is a club that aims to raise awareness on international human rights violence on campus. We host weekly meetings and organise events to promote campaigns by Amnesty International Canada to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.


Climate Change: Could This Be the Greatest Human Rights Abuse in History?

By: Vivian Allison The Effects of Climate Change “Climate change is a reality that now affects every region of the world. The human implications of currently projected levels of global heating are catastrophic. Storms are rising and tides could submerge entire island nations and coastal cities. Fires rage through our forests, and the ice is …

A Step Towards Corporate Accountability: Will Canada Be Open for Justice?

By: Haajar Abu Ismail In 2014, three Eritreans filed a lawsuit against Nevsun Resources, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Claims of crimes against humanity, slavery, forced labor and torture were brought against Nevsun, whom owned 60% of the Eritrean mine where this took place. The unique case built solely upon the violations of international law sparked …