Amnesty McGill Endorses The Daily Publications Society

By: Marie-Alix Depuydt

Amnesty McGill wishes to endorse the DPS, the publisher of two important student newspapers: ‘Le Delit’ and ‘The McGill Daily.’ For over 100 years, both papers have allowed students to express their creativity and opinions to fellow Mcgill students through journalism and artistic contributions. Additionally, the organization allows anyone to participate, regardless of experience. The organization’s ability to create an environment that provides a glimpse into the worlds of publishing, design, and journalism encourages member-students to pursue their passion and find their voice. 

Due to the lack of a formal journalism school at McGill, these skills and learning experiences gained from writing for ‘Le Delit’ and ‘The McGill Daily’ are vital and should not be terminated. Moreover, ‘Le Delit’ is the only francophone newspaper on campus. With around 1/5 of McGillians being French, shutting down the DPS would lead to a loss of community and overall representation. Furthermore, the two papers cover McGill news and allow large student government bodies, such as SSMU, to be held accountable. 

Amnesty McGill endorses the DPS, and maintains that the organization should not be shut down, as the overall benefits the organization brings exceed the small student fee.

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Voting ends November 18th at 5:00 pm.

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